In order to assure a better place for the children in Trinity Community Centre, your support and help is much needed. All of the proceeds goes towards the children's needs. The expenditure of the home has significantly increased due to increase of number of care takers and the rental of 2 households. Our totalling expenditure have increased up to RM20,000 a month.

List Of Needs

Sponsor a child program

Renovation of House No. 10

Sponsor of tuition fees - RM1,400

Sponsor Bus Fare - RM1,025

Utilities - RM460

House Rental - RM1,800



School Uniforms

Slippers / School shoes / Sport shoes

Under-garments (boys and girls)

Supplements (Scott-Emulsion)


Toiletries (Sanitary pads, cleanser, shampoo etc.)

Donations payable to
Trinity Community Children Home Society
Hong Leong Bank Account No:

"As Trinity Community Children Home continues to reach out to orphaned, abandoned, battered, abused and neglected children to comfort and strengthen them in God’s divine compassion and love, kindly uphold us with your prayers and generous aid. May our Lord pour down His choicest blessing on you abundantly"


Besides donation in cash or in kind, you can be apart of Trinity Community Centre by getting involved here to help us out in maintaining a good home for the children.

Your support can help transform the lives of many unfortunate children around, and to bring hope and joy into them.

There are many ways to get involved with Trinity Community Children Home.


 ∗ Sponsor a child in his/her education and his/her stay in TCC home

∗ Tuition – English, BM, Maths & Science
∗ Homework guidance
∗ Maintenance - Van, House
∗ Grass cutting
∗ House-keeping
∗ Plumbing
∗ Electrical
∗ Music lessons - Guitar, Piano, Drum
∗ Computer lessons 
∗ Outdoor games 
∗ Volunteer Driver

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