Our Existing Support Structure

We began with 6 children and are planning to take in a maximum of 25 children. We also have individuals who come forward to offer their time and talents to the children.

Currently, the home requires RM8,000 per month to run efficiently. This amount comprises of the rental for the premises, expenditure for the children’s needs, upkeep of the home and staff salaries. As the intake of the children increases, we also need to tap the efforts and expertise of many different types of volunteers on a continual basis to meet our growing needs in helping these children.


An Appeal for Your Support 

We are looking for generous organisations and individuals to support us in cash or in kind. Know that God will certainly bless you, your family and organisation a hundred fold even as you look out for the well-being of these needy children.

Should you choose to support Trinity Community Children Home, or if you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.